Marion “Mike” Menning

Former Legislator
Marion “Mike” Menning Portrait

Marion “Mike” Menning earned a master’s degree from Azuza Pacific University in leadership development. His research was in the area of the church’s responsibility in serving individuals with disabilities and their families. Mr. Menning professionally has spent most of his life serving others. He has served as a State Representative and Senator and worked to establish ministries for disadvantaged and people with disabilities in Romania and other parts of Eastern Europe. Mike and his wife Dawn are blessed with two children, Michael, their youngest has severe disabilities. In his book, Us Four, a Senator, His Family, Their Brain-Injured Child, shares their family’s devotion helping Michael develop. Mike serves on the Board of the Utah Developmental Disabilities Council, served as chair for the international ministry of Joni and Friends, and is honored to serve on the Board of Trustees of the DLC. He has worked tirelessly to promote the rights and services of people with disabilities in the Utah legislature and around the world.